Bamboo Socks

Bamboo Socks

Bamboo socks are a fairly new product on the market, that quickly gained a lot of popularity due to the excellent properties of bamboo fibers. Bamboo is also very environmentally friendly, because of its fast decomposition after the product has reached the end of its lifespan. It does not contribute to pollution or leave any negative effects on the environment.

Sweaty feet

Sweaty feet are the main reason to switch from regular cotton socks to bamboo. Not so long ago, cotton was one of the best fibers to prevent sweating, because cotton is very light and comfortable. Bamboo fibers have proven to be much more effective when in this area. Clothing made from bamboo is very soft, comfortable and it allows your skin to breathe. Excellent ability to absorb moisture and sweat from your skin on to the outer layer of fibers, where it can quickly evaporate.

Breathable and light. Bamboo fibers are extremely soft and light. They don’t leave squeeze marks or prevent blood circulation while wearing. Bamboo allows your skin to breathe freely and provides comfort and freshness. This results in a significant reduction of sweating and unpleasant body odors.

Body temperature regulation. Bamboo socks are not only comfortable, light and soft, but they are also great for regulating body temperature. They keep you warm during cold winters and cool on hot summers, which leads to reduced sweating on hot sunny days.

Moisture absorption. Bamboo absorbs moisture and sweat from the surface of your body to the outside layer of the fabric, where the moisture is not in contact with the skin and you are not feeling wet and sweaty. This helps keep your skin dry and fresh, while the moisture can quickly evaporate.

Antibacterial properties

Developing bacteria on your feet can lead to problems over time. The most common problem many face is an unpleasant odor that occurs with bacteria. The formation of fungi is also a regular phenomenon, which causes health problems. It should be eliminated before it becomes an even bigger issue. Bamboo products effectively prevent such issues by keeping your feet dry and healthy, while preventing excessive sweating and formation of bacteria.

No allergic reaction

Bamboo products are excellent for everyone with sensitive skin, as they do not cause allergic reactions.

For everyone who is looking to try clothing made from bamboo, you are more than welcome to check out our collection of products

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