Why should I wear Bamboo Underwear?

Bambus soft

Bamboo Underwear

Bamboo has become a big hit in the clothing industry these last few years. Due to the excellent properties of bamboo fibers, products such as socks and underwear made of bamboo are very popular.

Bamboo feels very soft and pleasant to touch. Clothes made from its fibers are comfortable, breathable and light. In addition to comfort and, bamboo also features several other benefits:

1. Fungi prevention and antibacterial properties

Fungi are a very common and unpleasant problem that many face. The most common problem is footwear that prevents your feet from breathing and causes sweating, bacteria formation and unpleasant odors. Bamboo features antibacterial properties that keep the skin fresh and dry, so there is no need to worry about the formation of bacteria, infections, fungi and unpleasant odors.

2. Reduced sweating

Bamboo fibers prevents sweating. Bamboo fibers are soft and comfortable. They do not leave squeeze marks on your skin and do not prevent your skin from breathing. Sweating is way less common under these conditions. In case of higher temperatures, you may still end up breaking a sweat. Moisture is then absorbed from the surface of the skin, and transferred to the surface of the fabric, so it can quickly evaporate. Your skin remains healthy and fresh and your clothes remain dry.

3. Reduced unpleasant body odors

With a unique way of removing moisture and sweat, bamboo fibers also prevent unpleasant odors. Because fibers do not retain moisture, which prevents the formation of bacteria and unpleasant odors.

4. No allergic reactions

All those who are constantly battling allergies, know how difficult it is to find suitable clothing that does not irritate your skin and cause itching. Bamboo clothing is very light and comfortable when in contact with skin and is also hypoallergenic, which means that it significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

5. Regulating body temperature

Bamboo clothes are suitable for every season, as they keep you cool and fresh on hot summer days and warm in long cold winters.

6. Long-lasting clothes

Bamboo is very durable, which makes clothes made from bamboo also very long-lasting. They will not lose their shine after many cycles in the washing machine.

Bamboo and the environment

Bamboo does not require a lot of maintenance for its growth. Compared to cotton it requires a lot less water and it grows up to 30 times quicker under the same conditions. Special fertilizers or pesticides are not required during growth and are therefore rarely used. It quickly degrades after the product has been disposed, which makes it very environmentally friendly.

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